Grant Tillery from The City Pages noticed our unique to campus traditional Chinese dishes of stinky tofu and beef brisket hot pot. Don’t miss out on a chance to try something new from one of the Twin Cities’ top 10 most underrated restaurants!

Jeremy Iggers from The Rake wrote about our interior design, featuring flat screen monitors with Chinese karaoke and floor to ceiling glass.  He also noticed our diverse menu,  “from Korean and Thai seafood hotpots to Indian style curry chicken, Japanese squid and regional specialties like a terrific Szechuan fish fillets in spicy broth.”

Dr. Date, from The Minnesota Daily, calls our style, “sexy and sophisticated but won’t break your wallet.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Rick Nelson from the Star Tribune is fascinated by our huge menu, unique design, and local spirit.

Kathie Jenkins, blogging on, thought we were friendly (Thanks!), liked our inexpensive menu, and two party rooms featuring karaoke.

Peter Lilienthal from Mpls St Paul Magazine provides a comprehensive take on our little slice of Dinkytown.  You may be surprised by a restaurant which provides over 250 items and many under $10.

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